Monday, September 27, 2021

a blog post! a blog post!

Well hello there neglected little blog...readers? (Is anybody out there?) No matter, I can let you in on a little secret that it has to be a high percentage of bloggers out there that mainly blog, um, just to hear (see) themselves think. It's thearaputic. And therapy is a good thing, so carry on all my fellow disenfranchised and/or disillusioned blogger-mates!

Anyhow, back to the subject of neglecting blogs. Plural. I have more than one. But the point is (and you will hear me say it here for the first, and maybe the only time) that it seems that I may have spread myself too thin. Indeed. And blogging is an easy casualty.

The Sugar Tree Cafe itself has melded into the Sugar Tree Cottage, which I'm more inclined to throw out a line or two about on facebook...  and even that form of social media I do not give the amount of attention I belive is probably expected of me.

I have meant well, I assure you. Blogs and free websites (and a few paid one's too) track my interests, personal and professional, designed to keep folks who may be interested informed.

However, for me, much like for most people over the age of three on planet earth today, the last couple of years have been long ones. Not all bad I must absolutely say... some of my most treasured experiances have happened during this time.. but long, and thought provoking. Priorities realized. So, I am going to continue to neglect some blogs (and a few free as well as paid websites, and one or two extra facebook pages, and facebook groups...) and concentrate more just on my current favorite project:  Olive Street. 

That project, dear blog reader, lucky you, actually happens to be indeed related to the old Sugar Tree Cafe turned Sugar Tree Cottage...  which is on Olive Street. 

So you can find me here:


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Covid Update

Seems it's time for some updates, so I'll be posting a few around facebook on my various pages and in my groups over the next few days for those who have been asking.  But here is the biz of the biz for the Sugar Tree, in general, with specifics for 
Sugar Tree Cottage
 to be posted in that facebook group later.

Currently I am not creating any new art for sale. My etsy shops are up, but I am delaying shipping. Many spring and summer events are being canceled, and you are unlikely to find 
The Sugar Tree
 vending anywhere. So I am relying heavily upon my collaborative links on the "emporium" page of my website. When you purchase products through the specific links, I earn a 5% - 20% commission on those sales depending on the company. These are not randomly chosen companies, but those whom I have used several times myself and believe in. Perhaps you will find use for some of these products in your own home or as gifts.

Thank you for your support.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Proud to be a Sponsor


I wouldn't want to say that the poster had anything to do with my decision to sponsor Lakewood Theater's production of  Two on the Aisle Three in a Van  this season... but I do actually own such a van!  

This is a play about the theater from a behind the scenes perspective, "a comedy where the point of view this time comes from the unsung heroes who call the shows, man the spotlights, sew the costumes, count the tickets and suffer through every flubbed line, forgotten prop and missed cue"

Please call the theater at 207-474-7176 to purchase your tickets.  

Monday, March 16, 2020

Bees Art & Education!


I am so in love with the beautiful artwork on this and other of her educational offerings! But you know I love bees best!

Visit the shop Honeycombcabin on etsy   here

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


comfortable chairs

My new obsession is chairs. Cozy, comfortable, padded, high-backed, deep chairs that a person can just sink into.

Thursday, December 19, 2019


How did it get to be December already? Maybe it's time to slow down, breathe, take a moment and have a cup of tea. Perhaps share a pot with a friend nearby, or you can send them a gift of tea through the mail.

I'd be happy to offer some suggestions on blends seasonal or otherwise that you might like.

For an easy way to shop on these cold winter nights, you can order direct from my Tealightful Teas link.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Oh curse you Google Maps! Google Maps tells you to go all the way out to Route #201, and then around, and back down to Olive Street in order to get from  Lakewood Theater over to the Sugar Tree Cottage, but I do hope that folks know they can just walk from the theater parking lot across the bridge and Bob's your uncle, simple as can be, there you are!!

Please remember that the Sugar Tree Cottage is only open by appointment though, so kindly be in touch and make your reservations first.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Here is the guest we had at the Sugar Tree Cottage today for his own sort of "Tasting Tuesday" event.  We were sipping our tea on the porch while he was dipping his break in the brook. Sure hope he often decides to take his tea time here at the cottage!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Earl Grey

Folks who are new to loose leaf tea sometimes wonder if there really is a difference between the grocery store tea bags and loose leaf tea. And yes, there absolutely is!  A fellow tea consultant helped to show this comparison. 

At the top of the plate you see the contents of a bagged tea purchased at the grocery store, and at the bottom beneath is the Tealightful Earl Grey loose tea.

Note how tiny the particles are from the tea bag. What you are getting in these are "fannings" or tea dust, what is left over from the full tea leaf. 

Now look at the Tealightful Earl Grey. That’s how tea should be. We know you can taste the difference, but wanted to show what really is in that tea bag