Friday, April 14, 2017

Forget-Me-Not Irony

Spring is here and it is seed season! Or actually every season is seed season, as they always make great gifts - container gardening is a real thing - but springtime is when we feel it the most as we emerge from our winter rest and realize it's time for planting. I have long been in love with the beautiful watercolor illustrations used on the packaging Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. uses and it is just one of many reasons I offer a selection of their products for sale.

I adore their little tins of seeds for scatter planting of flowers, and was particularly thinking of the forget-me-nots for bringing to the Maine Retired Teachers Conference next month. And I thought I would perhaps craft little felted flowers to go along with them. Little blue flowers of course. So I set to work, from, um, memory. seems forget-me-nots have five petals, not four; and have yellow centers not white... 

I'll just have to think of something else to do with about 30 little blue felt flowers!

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